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280 Days

280 Days aims at covering the needs of perinatal centers and maternity hospitals inside Ukraine. The organization collects the needs of medical institutions from all over the country and looks to fulfill them with the help of donors, partners, and volunteers. They purchase equipment that allows to safely transport expectant moms to the nearest maternity ward, or to quickly reach the bomb shelter and provide doctors with a chance to deliver babies safely. 280 Days also provides

hygiene products and basic goods to new moms in the form of care packages that contain vitamins, diapers and other hygiene products for the first month of a baby's life.

280 Days website:

Download materials from 280 Days about their wartime operations here.

Masha Foundation

The Masha Foundation focuses on providing humanitarian aid to women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities of all ages. Their priority is to close the immediate problems of vulnerable people due to lack of food, baby food, medicines, hygiene products and clothing. Since the beginning of the war the organization focused on helping the Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava regions, but have now expanded assistance throughout Ukraine, especially to the regions where it is most needed.

Masha Foundation website:

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Why Ukrainian organizations?

There are several excellent initiatives and well-established organizations currently operating inside Ukraine, providing different kinds of help. By choosing two Ukrainian organizations as recipients for the donations from this auction, we want to highlight the important work Ukrainians are doing for their countrymen and -women on a daily basis. In addition, these organizations have minimal administrative costs, making sure that a larger part of the donation is used directly for the help it is intended for.

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